How it works.

When you register for the fax 2 email service an 086 number is linked to your email address. Using a standard fax machine anyone that has your 086 number can now send you a fax.

On receipt of the analogue fax the fax 2 email server converts the document to digital format. The fax 2 email system automatically sends the digital fax to the email address assigned to the 086 number.

You can receive the digital fax in TIFF or PDF format. The rendering format can be detriment in the web portal. With the new fax 2 email web portal it is now possible to keep track of your incoming faxes, save it for 7 days and keep your user detail up to date. If you don’t have your own 086 fax 2 email number - Stop the delay. Sign up for your free fax to email service today..

Fax 2 Email Registration Step by Step.

Register your fax 2 email number.
A 086 number is assigned to your email address,
You will receive an email to activate your fax 2 email account, click Activate.
Choose and confirm a password.
Now you’re up and running ready to receive faxes
Go head and send yourself a test fax.

Receiving a Fax on your Fax 2 Email Number.

Someone sends a fax to your 086 number from a land line,
The hard copy fax is routed to a fax server,
The fax server receives the fax and converts it to a TIFF or PDF,
The server looks up the email address the 086 number is linked to,
The digital fax is sent to your email,
You receive the digital fax in your inbox.